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The Bad                 

I'm not sure who this skirt was designed by,
but I think it's not a skirt....I may be wrong.  
To me it looked more like a long loose trousers.  
Maybe it's a start........


This design is by Joaquim Verdú who is Catalonian.
It features a bi-colour band running across the back
and down the side, and is made of wool. The reason
it's in this section is that it's too long.  It would probably
be more comfortable if it wasn't made of wool.
It would have been better a foot or even two shorter.


 OK, so now we can hang a T-towel around
our waist and call it a skirt.
This is by the Valencian designer,  
Alejendro Sáez de la Torre.
It's one of several he submitted to the exhibition.
The others were more skirt-like.