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The Good                 

This skirt, designed by Vivienne Westwood, has a strong Scottish kilt flavour.  Many people would call it a mini-kilt.
It is made from a rough tartan, has pleats at the back, and a number of leather buckles.  
Some may say that it is too short, others may not.
The colours are very masculine. 







This is designed by David Delphin.  
Although it may look like a skirt, it's a con.  It's really shorts with a wrap around the front.
 It's here in the "good" section because it has much potential as a design, if the back were to continue in the same theme as the front, and the pocket detail is good.



This is designed by David Valls.  
Made from a lightweight material, probably polycotton, this garment would be very suitable for wearing whilst travelling to the beach, whilst also being suitable in other settings.
It is likely to be cool to wear, and quick to dry if it became wet.







This is designed by Puríficación García.  
The basic outside part has merit, but I´m not too sure about the "Palestinian scarf" worn underneath.  It looks good without it.  Another good feature is the contrasting belt.
With the design of the pockets, it has "Utilikilt" feel.