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HombresEnFalda Exhibition, (Men in Skirts)
Casa de Vacas, Madrid, February 2006

Nobody in their right mind, man or woman, would go to a fashion show expecting to see clothes that they could wear to go to the corner shop.  This exhibition features attempts by internationally renowned designers to produce skirts for men.  The designs exhibited range from examples of traditional Scottish and Irish kilts, via the traditional Parea, to short leather mini-skirts which, judging by the mask displayed nearby, would be suitable wear for a night of S&M.

Several of the exhibits seemed to have missed the point of the exhibition as they were obviously not skirts, but trousers or shorts, some of these featuring just a curtain-like flap as their contribution to their skirtness.  One has to wonder about a designer who offers trousers to an exhibition of skirts!!  But, in the end, some of the designs were good, some were practical, and some were good in parts.  Others were impractical, effeminate or just not skirts.  So, the more detailed look at the exhibition has been broken down into...

The Good..........The Bad...........and the Ugly